If you're looking for detailed instructions on how to set up your Member Center account, check out our handy step-by-step guide.

What can I do in the Member Center?

  • Listen to the WBEZ Pledge-Free Stream
  • Make an additional one-time donation
  • Update your address and stuff
  • Download your latest tax receipt
  • Plus, if you're a High Fidelity member
    • Update your credit card information
    • Choose your yearly thank-you gift
I've tried creating my account with my email address, but it's not working. What gives?
To set up your account, you must provide the email address you used when you made your donation. If you don't remember that email address (or if you did not provide one), call us at 312-948-4855 or send us an email and we'll fix it on the back-end, and then you'll be able to set up your account.

Why did I not receive the verification/password reset email?
The verification/password reset email should be pretty immediate, but at times it can take up to one hour to arrive. Also, make sure to check your spam/junk email folder.

Why can’t I locate my account?
If you’re using Internet Explorer 8, you won’t see the appropriate fields to log in. Please update your browser or switch to a different one (Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

Why is my most recent gift missing?
Gifts can take up to one business day to appear on your account, and gifts made via Paypal can take up to a month. If it has been longer than that, something is wrong, so please let us know.

Did this not help and you'd like to call us? Please do! 312-948-4855.

Feeling shy? Email us at membership@wbez.org.